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  Dream Number: #342
Dream Type: Daydream
Date Posted: 2/20/2009

Shadow8t4 from San Antonio, Texas remembers this:

The more I think about it, the more questions I have...
What really is a dream?
What is a daydream?
If it is true that we only use a percentage of our brain at all times, how do we use the rest of it? Is there a reason why we only use that percent?
If dreaming can only come from what you have experienced and predicted by influence, then why does it happen in the future sometimes?
Could there really be some kind of connection between dreams and the time line?
Is what is happening now the dream, or is the dream?
How do you REALLY know you are awake?
When does a dream start, and when does it end?
I believe that there is someone who can answer all of these questions, but I think they will need a little help from other people's theories, thoughts, and answers.
If god does have all the answers, then why do we have to find all of them ourselves?
Maybe we can communicate with him in our dreams.
If dreams are a connection to the spirit world, then why can't we control it?
The hardest part about having a dream is controlling it.
Once you are in a dream, you don't usually realize it until it's too late, and the dream is over.
I believe that dreams may be a portal to an alternate universe. If this is true, then why can we only visit it for a short time, and who are we while we are in that alternate universe.
Can people from that alternate universe become us in their dreams?
If dreams are based on the emotions you have had, then why are they always so random? When you wake up it seems as if they don't have anything to do with what just happened the day before.
How come we never seem to have the same dream 2 times?
Every time I dream a dream, even if the next dream in remotely related to the last dream, it's much different than the original.
How come when we have a dream, we seem to thing of it all day until we have a new one?
Why do we sometimes have no dream? What decides if we should have a dream or not?
If dreams are connected to our imagination somehow, then why can we control our daydreams so much easier than our actual dreams?
When I have a dream I always feel like I have to act quickly, since I know that I'm going to wake up soon and the dream will be over.
What's your theory?

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