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  Dream Number: #331
Dream Type: vivid/real
Date Posted: 1/3/2009

twinkle toes from calabasas ca remembers this:

I dreamt I was dating a good looking music producer- he was in his mid-late thirties, tall with dark hair. He seemed nice but I didn't completely trust him. He had produced albums for Toni Braxton and Marah Carey, both of whom made short apperances in my dream, basically walked through it at one point or another.

While hanging out with this guy, I realized that the reason why I was dating him was that he had captured a female super hero (whom I dressed up as on Halloween this past year) and he was selling tickets to see her. I wanted to help free her, but I didn't really have a plan or any co-conspirators. Eventually he took me to see her, after I lied and pretended not to know who she was.

When we went to see the super hero, he gave me a large clear plastic tube of glitter. There were two different colors of glitter in the tube, and I remember thinking it was odd that the two colors did not correspond to the super hero's colors. Then the next time I looked at the tube, the colors were different. Every time I looked at the tube after that, the colors had changed again.

The super hero was being kept on a theater stage that was built onto a large stilt in the middle of a massive pit. To reach the stage, there were moving platforms that unsheathed themselves like tiles of armor. When I finally got to speak to the super hero, her face looked all wrong and she was really manly. She knew who I was and could tell that I wanted to help her get free. We walked beside each other and talked for a few minutes until an alarm went off. I remember thinking that there was a possibility that I was part of a larger plan that I'd some how forgotten.

My music producer boyfriend became suspicious of me and I was taken away from the super hero. There was glitter all over the place and it was still the wrong color.

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