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  Dream Number: #328
Dream Type: Hopefull
Date Posted: 1/1/2009

Curious09 from remembers this:

I had a dream where I was at my chiropractor's house. I was at his house on his back portch hanging out with his son and daughter. Me and his son and daughter were hanging out on the portch while there mother was cookin BBQ on the grill.
For some reason, we jumped off the portch and went under the portch and we started to pull up full big grapes up from the ground. All of the grapes were connected by the same vine. There was a bounty full of grapes and as we were pulling up the grapes Josh, Liz and I were having so much fun getting along as if we were best friends.
I always wanted to be friends with Josh and Liz but I've always waited for them to find me first and let time take care of everything else.
So is this hope of a good friendship? What does he grapes mean?
Please help:

Responses from the Dreamers

Return within 24-48 hours to read our Dream Theory. Your dreams are crazy but they matter to us. Give us time and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks.


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