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  Dream Number: #317
Dream Type: Wierd animal theme
Date Posted: 8/29/2008

jonquilwf from Lincoln remembers this:

I was in this room that was unfamiliar to me. There were two adult dogs pacing around, none threateningly, near a set of openings, on the far side of this room. They were in a corner of the room, perpendicular to each other. The openings were like windows, but open. One dog was a German Shepard and the other was a smaller dog with lots of hair. Maybe a Pomeranian.

I was near a wall on the other side of the room from the dogs. This wall was like a billboard and what was written on it was a series of numbers and letters. The only ones I can remember was a 'Y' near the beginning and a '7' near the end of this sequence. The billboard was large, black and white. I don't remember how many characters were in the sequence but I felt strongly that this was my bicycle license number.

Then I was outside this room on some kind of a narrow ramp that lead down from one of the openings of the room and lead down to the ground. I was half way down it and kind of squatting, looking down at this very large dog that was pacing about at the bottom of the ramp. It may have been a Masted, Just a very large dog. It didn't seem like an angry dog, but I felt I needed to stay away from it. Above me I could see the two dogs from the room. The little dog was sitting at one opening. The German Sheppard was standing at the other opening and they were looking at me. I felt concern for the Little dog, that it might fall.

Behind me I became aware of a garage structure built onto the side of the building that the room was in. The building the room was in is unclear. I don't remember a specific form or design. Looking back, it may have been a tree house, but I'm not at all sure of that. The garage was open on both sides. You could see straight through the garage. But I could clearly see from my position my bicycle at the far back of the garage. When I looked at the bicycle, I immediately got an image of the billboard from the room. Whenever I looked at the bicycle, I could see the billboard like transparent directly behind the bicycle.

I went into the garage and was heading to the bicycle, but my attention was taken by; first an adult Giraffe in the far distant scene, then by an infant giraffe wrapped up in chains very near to me. Behind the garage the scene was a beautiful African landscape, with a setting sun. So much color. Golds, reds, yellows. So beautiful, with trees and grasses everywhere.

I took notice of the baby giraffe and felt I needed to get the chains off of it. Before I could get to the giraffe, four boys where wrestling for the baby giraffe. They were more like high-school age kids. Three boys pulling on one side of the chains and the fourth boy pulling the chains in the other direction. I didn't take note of the fourth boy, but the three boys where big and angry, like bullies. Of the three, the first one closest to the giraffe was biggest and I felt the leader of their group. He had black hair. The second one I don't recall but the third had blond hair.

I quickly ran to these boys and in classic comic book fashion, took a mighty swing and struck all three of them with one great 'POW'. They fell and the baby giraffe was gone along with the fourth boy. The leader of the three boys was furious with me and I felt I was in danger from him. Though he did nothing to me. The three boys ran off to join a larger group who where playing some kind of game. I found my self in front of my old home with a lot of high school aged boys. These kids I felt were younger maybe freshmen and the other three were seniors. Each of these freshmen had a infant animal running about with them. I felt deep concern that the babies were in terrible danger from getting killed by the seniors.

I started picking up each of the babies and putting them in a large cage that was extending from my old home. There where some puppies and cats, even frogs. But an extremely large number of baby pigs. And when ever I put an animal in the cage, they seemed to fall asleep right away. I kept putting animals in one after the other, until they covered each other. They were all asleep and peaceful. The boys just kept playing. Then I woke up.

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