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  Dream Number: #312
Dream Type: formal
Date Posted: 8/11/2008

jacksonlee from remembers this:

two months ago, I dreamt of my dad who passed away talking to me and my boyfriend that time. I dreamt about us twice, different scene but still the same people and my dad still talking to both of us. After a month my boyfriend and I parted but it seems like in my heart we will still be together someday and if not I don't feel bad. I don't mind, despite the fact that I did love him that much before and until now.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: gabell73

Believe it or not the death of a parent is an extremely vol ital and disturbing event. Even if his passing was peaceful in your mind it will be something that is hard to get over. It sounds to me like even though you loved your boyfriend very much you somehow blamed him for the death of you father. And since he was present the last time you were with your father, then more than likely you will continue to have your boyfriend in the dreams of your father.
However the frequency of the dreams will probably go away if you forgive your ex for your fathers death. I am sure that there was that there was probably nothing to do to save him (don't you think so)! Shoot it could even be that you only believe this on a subconscious level. Do you have a pastor or family friend that is close to you and your ex? If so try talking to them with your ex. Who knows if you come to terms with the loss and stop blaming your fathers death on your ex, who knows you and he might still wind up together after all.

(Added: 8/25/2008)


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