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  Dream Number: #310
Dream Type: creepy
Date Posted: 7/25/2008

dreamcatcher91 from remembers this:

I set my alarm clock to go of on the buzzer at 9:30 every morning and this time...I think the buzzer started going off and it somehow transferred into my dream. But in my dream, it was completely dark and the clock said 10: 30 am. my mom came in to the room and woke me up. I sat up and looked around for the stuffed dog that I'd had since I was 7. but it wasn't there and the screen on one part of the bay window next to my bed was shredded. I started freaking out and telling my mom that someone had come into my room and taken Nanook (The stuffed dog's name) there are a lot of lights in my room and I have green Christmas lights strung up around my room. The thing is, when my mom plugged them in, they were multicolored...kind of like the ones in the Black Christmas movie. my mom and I went outside the house to where my window was and there was a tree that was perfect for climbing right outside the window. I remembered being really confuse because there isn't usually a tree there. the dream kind of faded out right there...

Responses from the Dreamers

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