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  Dream Number: #307
Dream Type: kind of nice but then scary
Date Posted: 7/2/2008

dreamcatcher91 from remembers this:

"I was driving with my parents down a road that's very similar to the one I take to and from school. There was a mare and her foal grazing nearby and I got my dad to pull over so that I could get closer. He went up to the mare and started to pat her on the nose. I don't know why but then I started to feel that the mare was getting angry. all of a sudden, The mare reared up and swiped him three times across the face. The left side of his face was all bloody and pretty unrecognizable. A random guy came up and said to my dad that he was taking him to the hospital. Meanwhile my mom just kept yelling at me that it was my fault and everything I want and do ruins things for the family." I pretty much woke up crying (there's also a lot of horses near the roads I take to school)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Nor

The mare and the foal could represent you and your mother.

(Added: 7/21/2008)


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