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  Dream Number: #301
Dream Type: ex-boyfriend
Date Posted: 6/21/2008

Juliet from Boston remembers this:

So I've been having this dream about my ex-boyfriend for maybe a week, so I'm thinking it's time to check out what it means. My dream last night was I was on a couch drunk with him and he was being really shy, which he was back then and I just wanted to kiss him, but then another person that I've kissed before was there and was trying to help me out with me getting with my ex.

Anyways, this is no ordinary ex I've been dreaming about, this was someone that I was in love with for about 10 years starting in 7th grade. We dated or whatever off and on a few times, but I always thought he was the one. So I knew it had to mean something if I'm dreaming about him out of all people, and more than one night in a row.

My current life I am dating someone right now who I really like alot is really all I can say. I read one dream dictionary that it said I could be having the same feelings with my new relationship as I did with the ex, which kind of makes sense to me, any thoughts on that?

What does this dream mean??

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: Sophia

I had a dream about my x-boyfriend holding what looked like a death certificate. And then I saw him in a limosine kissing another woman with brunette hair and he was getting married.

(Added: 6/26/2008)

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