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  Dream Number: #291
Dream Type: crush, love, hug
Date Posted: 6/3/2008

shellbelle from hacienda heights, ca remembers this:

so there is this guy i like. except i never actually met this guy. i met him on a dating website and we've been talking online for a little over a month. but i'm sure some of you know how that goes... i like him a lot, still.

but i've been depressed lately. i've been between jobs and there's no classes so i've had a lot of time to just sit around and think. ridiculous.

so i had this dream last night. it was my first dream about the crush. he lives a few hours north of me. and in my dream, i decided i needed to find a way to run into him. so i took a bus up to where he lives, and i went to the library. i had some work to do (i was actually making a diorama out of clay figures... weird). so i sat around and worked on that. i remember that there were a lot of people around me working on something similar, and i worked between sitting on the floor and in a cubicle.

then i realized it was getting late. it was dark outside already. i thought i could sleep in a hotel or something, because i knew there wasn't going to be any buses to get me back home (somehow i took public transportation there... and he lives across an international border, so that was even stranger to me). so i hopped online and tried to contact him. i said "Hey john, respond right away, i am in hamilton!"he got back to me right away. i then called him on my cell phone. i remember being worried because it would be an international call, and i was roaming. haha. and i stepped outside onto a beautiful balcony. it wasn't night anymore actually, but the sky was a really dark grey and it seemed to be overcast. i could see the details of the city... it looked really old actually, and it was all very bland and white in color. the library i was in was a painted over, beige cobblestone, and there was a lot of foliage draped around. he asked me where i was, and rather than say in the library, i gave him the intersection of the streets i could see. i think i remember one of the streets being "independence street" but i think that is only because yesterday i went somewhere and took an exit off of the highway called "independence street." he responded "wow that is crazy because i am in a library right at that intersection!" so he was in the library. and i realized that i was wearing sweatpants and had no make up on and looked terrible. i said "oh yeah, that's where i am too. on the balcony." i tried to figure out a way to hot myself up, but before i could and just a few seconds later, he came out, wearing a dark green t-shirt, and looking basically adorable. i also realized that i smelled bad. and he walked over to me and i said "hey dude, didn't expect to see you, i stink." and he hugged me. it was such an amazing hug. like, i've rarely had such a tactile experience in a dream before, but i could really feel details of his body. like, i could feel his bones ever so slightly through his flesh and t-shirt, and i could feel him breathing and everything. i know he tried to pull away once, and i wouldn't let him. i just lingered there, and it was the most amazing hug ever.

that's all i remember.

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