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  Dream Number: #280
Dream Type: Scary, Lion Attack
Date Posted: 3/22/2008

oliveoyl from remembers this:

I was at my grandparents house again in this dream, which has become a frequent place for me to be in my dreams.. and i wonder what that means. I lived there in high school but its been almost 4 years since then. They still live there and I visit.. but not very often.
Anyway, In the begining of the dream I remember knowing that an escaped lion was in our backyard. Later in the dream.. (time seemed to have passed..) and it had become night. I went outside trying to call the dog, thinking the lion was surely gone. I started to close the door and felt the dog nudge my leg.. then i realized it was the lion. i closed the door to make sure it didnt get in the house with my family but i was stuck outside with it. My stepdad (also wierd he was at my dads parents house in this dream) was giving me advice from inside.. but he kept saying not to just sit there because that would make it want to bite me. he kept telling me to let it know that i understood it wasnt the dog. i have no idea what that meant. but it started biting my fingers.. not very hard.. but the more i wrestled with it.. the angrier and more aggressive it got. eventually it was pinning me down, and we were rolling around each trying to get control. i just wanted to get away, but the lion always had at least one paw on me.. or was biting and holding on to me. when i went to run... he backed up to charge me... he hit me really hard with his side and i thought at that moment before i woke up that it was hopeless... he was too big, and i couldnt fight back anymore.

Responses from the Dreamers

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