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  Dream Number: #279
Dream Type: New Ren Fair/guy/cousin
Date Posted: 3/14/2008

just me from Vermont remembers this:

The dream started out and I was dressed in modern day clothes at my current age of 30. I was at a new Ren fair which basically consisted of a Renaissance fair that had all the normal things that they have with some new things like modern day plumbing and a modern medical center in it. Some people were in costume and some were in modern day clothing. Everything was like this the food, games, and so forth. It was on about 30 acres of tree covered land. In the beginning I was walking around with normal clothes on I worked as a nurse at this place (which is what I am). I was just enjoying things like the shows and games watching people and so forth. It was a warm spring day. I ran into this guy at one of the shows and got the impression that him and I were romantically inclined he stayed with me and walked around with me talking about things like when the house we were building would be done and what we would name our kids and so forth. Then I saw my cousin who looked to be in her early 20s (she was abducted at the age of 12 and we never found her). I went up to her and told her I've missed you baby girl and she turned to me and wrapped her arms around me and said I've missed you to. When I let go she was 12 again. She stayed with me to now and we talked about things like what she had been doing. It was still an upbeat dream the night started coming and I told them we should find my Aunt Frances (who is my cousins mother and lived across the street from where I own about 18 acres of land). We found my Aunt and my cousin and about 3 other children got into her station wagon (the one she drove when I was about 11 years old). I drove my truck and the guy I had been with was with me. We got out and walked on my land which had a foundation on it but nothing else. Then crossed the street and went to my Aunts house. The guy slept on the couch and I slept upstairs in my cousins room. I got the impression that the guy wanted to sleep in the same bed that I did but I told him it wasn't proper in my Aunts house to do that and he went to bed where he was. Then the next morning we drove back to the Ren fair. I just walked around running into people it was another sunny day with no bad weather. Everyone was having fun. Then I started to look for places to go to the bathroom and was finding all the modern places if you sat down on the toilet people would be able to see you because a part of a wall or something was missing. I told someone this and they said they would fix it. I kept walking around listening to peoples conversations. Then someone said that we all needed to go to the front gate there was some speach going on that we needed to hear. So everyone walked up there. I saw my cousin who was still 12 she had to go to the bathroom. So I took her into this tree lined place where we could go. There were trees all around it and no one could see in but when you got into it there were all these tree stumps and a back to a truck that had a fire going in it. This was used to burn the feces and waste after people went to the bathroom. My cousin touched the back of the door and I tried to stop her. I picked her up and told her it would be ok babyb girl and kissed the burn and it was better. Then we sat down and went to the bathroom on a stump as people started walking on the other side of the trees that were around us. I told her we should probably get home and she was like ok so her and the guy got in my truck with me and I drove them to my house which was done. It was night time and then I just woke up.

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