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  Dream Number: #277
Dream Type: Another Dream with a Tidal Wave (5 of them)
Date Posted: 3/11/2008

RawrImaLion from Toronto remembers this:

I was on a bus, I'm pretty sure it was a school bus. I don't know where we were going, although I did know at the time. There was a girl sitting behind me on the bus, a younger girl. I think she might have been my sister in this dream but looked nothing like my actual sister in real life. This girl had long brown curly hair. She was with her mom, who happened to be my mom also (apparently). I was turned and talking to my sister. I looked out the back window of the bus and saw, down the road behind the trees off in the distance, a HUGE wave.

It came to everyone's attention that this wave was coming toward us. Me, my sister and my mom went under the seats of the bus. There was enough room for all of us to sit up all the way. There was a bar that attached the seats of the bus to the bottom of the bus. I decided that if we all held on to these bars, kept our head up and our backs arched a bit we could survive this wave. I told my "mom" and "sister" to do this, hold their breath just before the wave hits and not let go of the bar no matter what. We allsat there an prepared for the wave. I could see the light from the sun on the floor and it soon became shadowed and I knew the wave was almost ready to hit. I held my breath. The wave hit. I could feel the pressure of the water hit me. I held on very tightly even though it was hard to keep doing so. It wasn't long before the water passed. I looked over and saw my sister and mom still there. We sat back up in our seats as I turned to talk to them.

The bus was still on the same road, it hadn't budged. I thought for a moment that usually there's more than one wave when things like this happen. I looked out the back of the window and sure enough there was another wave, slightly smaller. I yelled "Another wave!!!" We all went back under our seats and held on to the bar again. I again, waited to hold my breath just at the right time. Then the wave hit. This happened three more times as I yelled out for everyone when each wave was coming. The third wave was the biggest wave. It was sooooo big. I remember when this wave hit I pinched my left hand between the bar and the wall which it was semi-attached to. I remember it hurting. I managed to move it up [my hand] and make it through the wave. After this wave I told my sister to watch out and not pinch her hand and then realized my mother was missing. I had accepted she was gone. I told my sister not to worry and don't think about it, just to worry about surviving these waves. After the fifth wave I blacked out. I woke up again in the back seat of a car. I took a step out of the car. I couldn't see anything. It was way too foggy and blurry. There was no way I was going anywhere. I thought of possibly walking in a direction to and see where I would end up. Instead I hopped in the front driver's seat and luckily the keys were still there. I don't know who's car it was but I started up the car and began driving. I was soon able to see signs and stuff on the road. At least I knew I was going somewhere where people might be around.

This is all I remember. This is now the third dream in the last month that involved a tidal wave. In these dreams I haven't been terrified of these waves, I've just accepted that if I get hit, then that's what happens. Any ideas?

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