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  Dream Number: #273
Dream Type: lucid: the children
Date Posted: 3/10/2008

Elusiveempathy from remembers this:

This was originally a spin off of another dream, but I feel it deserves to be recognized as it's own separate dream, due to the fact it didn't quite fit anything else from that night.

It all started from what i remember, in a very large old house. To a normal person, maybe it was, but once you were inside, there were so many rooms you could get lost for days just trying to get out. So the dream basically starts with me inside one of these rooms, hiding. I'm not quite sure what it was i was hiding from, but i knew if I got caught, it'd be the end of me. I started by leaning out the door and checking to see if it was clear for me to make my mad dash towards another room, hopefully to escape the house, when i saw a few little kids run by. Apparently they were running from the same thing. Each one of them looked similar in size and age, possibly brothers and sisters. Each had bright blond hair, pale skin, and older styled clothes (the type you might see back during world war two). One of the girls fell and i heard heavy footsteps behind her. Thinking fast i grabbed her and darted towards another room (the one the other children went into) We hid in the darkness as a man walked by, voiceless.....

I can't remember much beyond that. we somehow escaped the house, only to end up being caught between two trains. A man in black was herding half the children onto one train, while another to the opposite. There was snow everywhere, even snow falling, just covering the ground in a blanket of white.The man never did say anything while he ran them in (which was kind of weird) i still remember the way he looked, all in black, with a long black cape(kind of jack the ripper ish) but he was young. The only thing that stuck out to me was his wine colored vest. why, I'm not sure. I ran towards the train on the left , and I guess thinking maybe the trains were headed in the same way. The trains started moving, but obviously in opposite directions. The other train went off around a curve, and was covered by trees as we grew further apart. Our train however. went around a bare curve itself, and slowly started going down a slope...gaining speed.We were headed towards a murky deep body of water, not really a lake, nor a pond. Just deep, eerie and green. Thinking fast I jumped out of the train and rolled onto the last bit of track, watching the train plummet into the water. Strangely, there were no screams of the children. Just splashes as the train went further in. I thought this was unusual, so i started back up the hill to find help. Suddenly out of nowhere, i heard a grim voice saying "they wanted to die. They wanted to end the suffering, let them remain here in freedom together."


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