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  Dream Number: #272
Dream Type: Aliens
Date Posted: 3/9/2008

Stitchless_Night from Portland remembers this:

JUST FYI: I listen to a lot of random music at night, I have my itunes on with over 30,000 songs on shuffle, I'm not sure if that might have something to do with this dream or any other dream.

I was riding my piece of shit bike around and I heard from one of my friends that we had some unexpected guests arriving soon and we should prepare for something that would completely kick our asses. He was babbling about aliens and what not, which didn't make sense but I did take a note. He had told me they were meeting up at a bar in this little town, which of course we lived in as well. I lived in what seemed to be a little crap house with one room and a woman, who I don't recall much but I knew she was important enough to live with me.

Well I started going over there often, listening and trying to pay attention to what was going on, but they didn't talk they just kinda sat around and kept silent. I had been watched for a day or two (I'm not sure it was a dream). Finally though one man approached me and explained some of their situation to me. He had said that they were here to help continue something, I couldn't understand but I did feel angry, upset yet relaxed and calm all at the same time. I still remember what the "alien" I was talking to looked like, they were all in human attire, but this one was a bit different, he never looked at anyone to their face. He either kept his back turned, behind a door or looking down at the table. He was telling me to shut up over and over again while I was trying to explain something, I don't recall the exact words, but I do know that we were arguing about the union of something. After a while we both settled down and he turned around and everyone got up and went out, but more of them came in, so I didn't think anything of it.

The aging exhuman I was talking to was maybe 50 - 60 and balding, which was almost like a birds nest kinda. He went into a room and continued to talk with me, while one of his "females" were there with me listening to my thoughts, smiling as I thought about what this "man" was telling me. He asked me if I knew of the band "Tool" and asked if I knew there message, meanings and what not. I told him I was a fan but not knee deep, which oddly he understood, but made me sing the songs, Prison Sex and Lateralus, but I wasn't singing, it was my voice being used by his...

He then asked me if I would sing for A Perfect Circle for him, yet only as a woman..... Then my voice turned into a womans voice as I sang something else for him.... He told me I'd be fine as long as I stayed by his side, which kinda seemed lame, but fuck you know.

Anyway I left to go tell my female about what I had witnessed. When I left the bar, there was carnage everywhere. The city had been completely eradicated (the human life). There were corpses everywhere, cars blown up, the typical dead town, but with lots more blood and sunshine.

I went back to my place and she was gone as well, now it was that woman from the bar who was smiling into my mind. I went back to the bar, the aging man still staring at the table barking off commands very calmly yet with no voice. I asked him about what was going on and he told me to shut up and a blue bubble came around me, shrinking me and then blam I was awake, 13 hours later....

Replies from the dreamer:

I think that the two bands might have come in when Tool kicked on my itunes shuffle, and because I know Tool and A Perfect Circle are affiliated my mind might have made something up, but why. Odd to be about singing, and that he was forcing me to sing....
(Added: 3/9/2008)

Another thing I couldn't find any A Perfect Circle on my pc, only tool. hah.
(Added: 3/11/2008)

Responses from the Dreamers

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