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  Dream Number: #270
Dream Type: Field with baby crying
Date Posted: 3/6/2008

just me from Vermont remembers this:

A few years ago I had this dream. I was in a field or well clearing that was in the middle of this ring of trees. The total clearing was probably about ten feet in diameter. The trees were like really tall saplings about 6 inches around but pushed together so all you could do was put your hand through them. The grass was really green and it was about up to my shins I was wearing this long flowing light blue (like the sky on a really really clear spring day) with elephant sleeves. I had bare feet and my hair was long and wavy.
I awoke in this clearing the moon was full and was shining on me. I could hear a baby crying. It was in the trees somewhere. I tried to put my arms in the trees to pull them aside so I could get to the child or at least see where it was and as my hands went into the darkness something gripped my arms and started pulling on me I pulled away. and stepped back. The voice asked what it was that I wished for and I said to give me the infant I wanted make sure it was ok. So the voice said well come in and get it if you want it but I can't promise what will happen if you do. So I started to pull at the trees again and again the arms gripped at me trying to pull me in. I asked please wont you give me the child I just want it wo be ok. The voice laughed at me and asked why I would think the child wasn't alright so I said because I could hear it crying. So I kept trying and the arms kept pulling on me and I would pull back. Finally the voice asked if I would give my life for the child and I said I would. The voice told me to go in the middle of the clearing and stand. Something lifted me up and started to take me apart piece by piece not in some gross bloody manner but like my particles were floating away from my body and I could see this infant on the ground beneath me in a white blanket with a glow around it. Eyes open looking at me with this baby grin just totally content. he voice asked me what I wanted to do and I said I would like someone to take care of the infant and keep it out of harm make sure it was ok and grew up well. I put back to earth and the infant because a part of me. We were one or well I was pregnant with the child and a path cleared so I could get out of the clearing and went into this cottage with these blue flowers and a white picket fence in the front. I went in where my dog and cat were by the fire closed the door and the woke up.

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