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  Dream Number: #265
Dream Type: The Best Precognitive Experience You've Read About In A While
Date Posted: 2/16/2008

Ulysses Bakvara from Durham remembers this:

So the way my precognitive experiences work is that I am involved in a dream and things follow precisely for a certain period of time. Things are absolutely perfect, but then my brain breaks off and some terrible happens which generally involves some sort of destruction of my physical form. This is a dream I had about a year and a half ago: I was in a store that I had never been to before while my sister and I were checking out. It was an interesting setup because there were two lines that met at an "L" where a lady was alternating between two cash registers. While there was a lady in front of us I was looking at the pens they had hanging on the wall of the counter (I really like pens for some reason) and then the transaction was complete. We stepped up in line and for a moment before turning over to the other line the woman at the register made an awkwardly large amount of eye contact with me. After weirding me out she then turn to the other register. While trying to blow of the strange interaction I had with her I hear her say to the purchasing customer in the other line "Well that's interesting sir, your total comes out to exactly one dollar". Because this wasn't your everyday total with tax it really caught my focus. I turned my attention over to the man who was already looking at me. He was an older black man who gave me possibly the nicest look I've ever received. Shortly after this fixed gaze we share he leaves and we begin to ring up the items my sister was buying. I didn't pay much mind to what she had because all of a sudden two children with plastic water pistols one would find at a dollar store came peeling around the corner squirting each other as a delivery man walked in. As the kids left my sight the delivery man promptly put down his packages, pulled out a hangun and shot me somewhere between three and five times in the chest. I then crumble to me knees and wake up. No more than four months later I was in a Kinkos downtown where this same event ocurred. The faces. the phrases, the actions and the tension all checked out in my mind. However, the place where my dream left reality was shortly after looking at the man who owed exactly a dollar. The kids never came, but the delivery man did. He walked in, put his packages down, but then walked over to chat with a worker he was acquainted with. The strangest thing for me was that the whole time it was happening I kept riddling to myself what must be going on in this store. The lady at the register is what started it all, but when I heard her say "Well that's interesting sir, your total comes out to exactly one dollar". From there it hit me like a freight train and I knew what was coming next. I actually began to cower like a fool when the delivery man walked in.

Replies from the dreamer:

Yeah, this is by far the most detailed memory I have had in relation to precognitive experiences while most others are much more generic experiences and fleeting in detail.
(Added: 6/10/2008)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: k731

I have never had a precognitive experience that vivid before! Amazing. No wonder you were cowering when the delivery guy walked in... that is SO crazy.

(Added: 6/10/2008)


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