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  Dream Number: #261
Dream Type: Vampires
Date Posted: 2/3/2008

Amateras11 from Scotton remembers this:

2nd February 2008 :

Has anybody ever seen the television programme Young Dracula? Anyway, my memories of this dream is pretty brief but I dreamt that Ingrid, the Count and me (donít ask why, a third of my dreams occur around popular culture characters) came back to the castle to find Vlad on the floor of the castle living room(?) unconscious and injured from an arrow in his shoulder and looks extremely pale compared to usual skin tone. The arrow head is silver, too, engraved with a slayer family shield, and his life, having been left so long, is hanging in the balance. Because of this, he had to be changed into fully fledged vampire early despite not being 16 in age yet. So we had to carry him down to where the blood mirror was so this was possible. His reflection was not too happy about his state. Maybe it would be my obsession and fascination of vampires that would be the reason why I had this dream in the first place but then I can obsess about lots of things at some point but I never dream about it, so there you go.

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