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  Dream Number: #260
Dream Type: totally insane
Date Posted: 2/3/2008

Amateras11 from Scotton remembers this:

3rd February 2008 :It started at home, which was suddenly larger and had two lifts. Mum, dad, scarlet and some of my aunties and uncles with them and they had loads of packaging behind them like suitcases and food etc in the storage behind them. They were going on holiday (for two weeks) but I wasn’t coming with them but before they went they decided to have a spot of lunch while me and scarlet ended up arguing and fighting because scarlet told me she had taken my laptop and mobile and something else, so I ended up raiding the drawers to see if they were there. They were there and this is when they decided to go on holiday, scarlet not even being told off for her action. They went on holiday via the lift (weird).
Next thing I knew when I woke up, two business men were walking round the same room with a clipboard and emptying the place of its possessions and they even took my laptop. Curiously, the only thing they didn’t take was dad’s laptops and chargers. When I point this out, they say it doesn’t matter, and the only thing I had left was my phone (technology wise).
Then I’m rounding the corner, following the men being the reason why I round the corner. As I result, I find myself turning the corner to the main corridor of the English G block at college, bags in one alcove and in the way, exiting out of the building. In fact, thinking about it, the house was very much like the central area of the G block we always keep being told to move from. Anyway, my friends are outside and waiting and then in fifteen minutes we are in Ashby because Charlotte wants to so somewhere in Ashby.
We are then back at my “home” and I’m with a friend, Lisa, and I’m really worried about my family for some reason, thinking they have gone missing or something. Then suddenly Lisa is no longer there and I’m alone sitting on the table against the wall. The right lift doors open, and my mum dad and sister walk out with their luggage and nicely tanned, too. Crying, I run to my dad and mum, hugging them and dad says in a gentle tone “she was worried”. Then I tell them that some people took everything, minus his laptops, but he just says it doesn’t matter.

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