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  Dream Number: #26
Dream Type: emotionally disturbing-Rare
Date Posted: 9/25/2005

Maikeru from Birmingham remembers this:

I 'enterd the matrix' so to speak...

In the dream I was back at the home i had grew up in.
My mother had grounded me, handed me her tongue and told me that if i didnt get it clean i was in deep shit. So, i was in my bedroom and for some reason my brother (ben) was an angel and he was the only person who spoke to me in the dream (apart from my mum). well anyway, my mothers tongue had turned into a chewy sweet (still a tongue but just edible) so i took a bite out of it and it was sour (dont like sour)...so im stood holding my mothers half eaten tongue in my hand and im getting pretty fuckin scared because i feel guilty and i didnt want to face my mother and tell her what i had done.so i went to ben and asked if he could help me but he said that a mothers tongue cant be repaired by any means. so anyway, now im walking towards the landing from my room and im feeling so bad coz im about to tell my mum what i had done and that she could never speak again but as i reached teh top of the stairs i lost my guts/balls/bottle and i just sat there on the yop step with my arms clinging on the banister...it was when i felt most afraid that i told myself 'its a dream' and i did actually pinch myself (it does NOT hurt) so from then on i wasnt just watching events and people happen i was deciding what to do. Yeah it sounds cool but i went to the kitchen straight away and i told my mum what i had done and she snatched teh tongue out of my hand and put it in her mouth. she said nothing and stuck her whole hand into a shepherds pie with the facial expression of pure loath. I felt bad but i knew the truth and i said to her "Mum, nothing here is real. when we wake up your tongue will be fine again. its just a dream mom"

i woke and i was pretty disturbed.
.... Ham sandwhich

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