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  Dream Number: #259
Dream Type: Ex Boyfriend
Date Posted: 1/27/2008

Kris81 from Brisbane, Australia remembers this:

Basically to keep this as short as possible, I have been dreaming about my ex boyfriend alot lately. I am now married, but going thru a husband with depression at the moment which is putting a strain on the marriage and using all my strength to not break down.

However, last night I dreamt that My ex was going to die. He was being burnt by something that would kill him, however after reading a letter I had written on why I felt so sad that he died, I was able to stop midway thru the letter and go back in time. I was able to run to the point where he had just been burnt and was being wheeled to the hospital. I was able to run up to him and tell him that I loved him. Then I was able to spend all the time beside him, even though he was burnt we went grocery shopping???? But all the time I was with him I knew he was going to die in a couple of days from the injuries, I never told him I knew but just stayed by his side telling him I loved him.
What does this mean????

Responses from the Dreamers

From: chasmodai369

The going back in time aspect makes me think of regret, as in maybe you feel that even though he was burned in your relationship and that it's over (maybe), it's okay.

(Added: 3/14/2008)


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