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  Dream Number: #255
Dream Type: Vividly clear, left everlasting image after
Date Posted: 1/14/2008

Myusicman from California remembers this:

Bright sunny day. family tells me that they signed up for some kind of huge city-planned event occuring within a huge building shaped somewhat like a rocket-ship except without any engine or launching device. I did not choose to participate but was there only to drop off my family. We arrive at the location and it's a huge airport like building. Before entering the specific event building, we pass through an outdoor gate with many series of stairs that lead up to the entrance. They board along with what seemed like hundreds of thousands of other people. As i leave, i see a childhood friend of mine i had known since the first grade. we talk and suddenly she dissappears the moment i blink. i am suddenly into a state of confusion and eveything blurs. when everything clears, i am at home sitting on the couch and the tv is on, all the lights out. I notice that this is not my home but my mind doesn't register it and i still feel as if it is my home. Suddenly, a news report shows that the event my family had gone to and that the building had been smoked out with toxic gas killing all inside. I feel horribly depressed, but for some reason i am unable to cry. The strange apathy causes me to blur out again and when everything reappears im back at the location on the day of the event again. I know what is about to happen so i warn my family against going to it. They leave, but some strange force draws me there and i enter the building. I follow a circular path and the walls strangely a cold steel with a light blinking in vivid shades of red, and then green, and then red and so forth slowly as an alarm blares in the background. All of a sudden i see my younger brother inside after i saw him leave earlier and i safely transport him out. but the same force presses upon my instincts and drives me back inside. I ascend deeper and deeper into the building until i find a dead end in a narrow hallway. alarm still blaring and lights with its slow blinking. All of a sudden my childhood friend walks down that same hallway meeting me there. I talk to her, telling her what is about to happen but she does not respond but approach me. She stood 3 feet away from me and looked into my eyes but still said nothing. All of a sudden, smoke pours in from openings along the walls and she approaches me and holds me tight in a hugging motion, but out of fear. i see tears stream down her eyes but she still says nothing. Trapped in this corner, we get down on the floor and i hold her tight. I confess to her my true feelings of love and she still says nothing. She looks up and stares into my eyes again, tears still streaming down from hers. All of a sudden she seems to blur and fade away. I see her mouth beginning to open and move as if she spoke, but i was unable to comprehend what she was saying. Smoke continued to pour in as the alarm blared louder and louder. The lights continued to flash vigorously with shades of dark red and each moment they blacked out my friend seemed fade more and more. As i cried desperately trying to comprehend her last message, i pass out, my last sight being her lost in the cloudy red smoke and flashing lights. I suddenly awake with cold sweat beading down my forehead and tears in my eyes. My heart beating vigorously high paced. I blink and all of a sudden the entire dream flashes before me in a nano-second and the burning image of the location is embedded in my mind.

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