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  Dream Number: #251
Dream Type: strange
Date Posted: 12/29/2007

cegra99 from remembers this:

i was at my school but i wasnt b/c the boys school was also there. some sort of carnival was happening. me and my friends decided to sneak into the boys dorms. we find a random room and enter when the boy who lives the comes out of the bathroom he is surprised but not at the same time. he is fine with us being in there. we stary for a while when we here his prefect walking towards his room i run towards the bathroom. the prefect enters and catches only my friends not me then i take a step and i crash into somthing creating a loud noice the gives me away. i come out of the bathroom and i am surprised to find that the prefect is good looking. we are kicked out. when we go outside there is a concert going on next to our chapel with a famous band. we are quickly bored and go back into the boys dorms. we go to the same room we were in earlier and find there are two guys in there this time. we hangout for a while when i see the mom of someone i met at a dance. we decide to fallow her to the guys room and then the dream ends

Responses from the Dreamers

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