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  Dream Number: #235
Dream Type: I dont know (Premonission?)
Date Posted: 10/17/2007

Forewarned from remembers this:

Well i had a friend a long time ago, and about 3 years ago we had a falling out. after that we werent friends anymore.
Last night i had a dream about him getting a myspace and taking a picture trying to be like me. Except his bandanna was green and mine was black. He also had a red satin hood over his head. in my picture i have a black hood over my head. Im just wondering what this dream means, ive had a few other dreams about him, and in all of them we were friends again.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: DreamLord

You want to be friends again, but you know it will not be the same.

As friends before you would openly copy eachother in dress and other habituary behaviors, but now you see that no matter how close you guys become, it will never be the same, and therefore, the copying cannot be an exact replica (i.e. him wearing a hoody and taking a similar picture, but a different colored hoody and different colored bandana).

(Added: 11/15/2007)

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