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  Dream Number: #233
Dream Type: strange
Date Posted: 10/14/2007

Amile from remembers this:

I am in a large, empty convent at a school I went to when I was younger, more specifically one of the cells with Andrew(ex-boyfriend), Taylor(Andrew's date) Brayden (Friend), Elena(Brayden's girlfriend) and another person I am not familiar with. We are all wearing formal attire, (the same we wore to the homecoming dance the night before) but the stranger is not wearing a corsage as the rest of us are. He leaves and the others start to ask if I recognized him. I nod my head no. I start to feel dizzy so I leave to room also.

Now I am still wearing my dress, but no shoes. I walk over to a wooden walking bridge over a lake and see the Luna(friend) standing on the bridge in her dress. She is frantic and screaming "what did you do to him?" and "why is he here?" I hug her, trying to calm her down, she runs toward the end of the bridge and disappears. Her shoes are all that remain, they are next to a large sign memorializing a ship wreck which is visible because it sticks out the water. I walk over the bridge to a island in the lake and on to a wharf that has many levels, the stranger is on the bridge, so I go to speak him. but when I arrive at the bridge he collapses, I catch him in my arms, but he his too heavy and I fall. the lake starts to swell, and Luna appears again. Even though it is not raining the lake is flooding. He starts to disappear, first his feet disappear, I ask Luna if she can see me, she nods her head no. i whisper into the stranger's ear, "please believe me, i can save you", the flooding is up to my chest (I am sitting on the bridge). His legs are now invisible. I whisper "Please don't leave me here".
The water is up to my neck, I yell to Luna to make the flooding stop, but it only slows. I hear him say "You'll drown if you don't let me go, because I cannot believe you to save me.". I hear my self scream to Luna to stop the flooding, but the water is above my mouth. I passed out. When I woke their was a woman I recognized kneeling above me. Her name was Courtney. She helped me stand up and the water was up to my knees. Accompanying her is Andrew. I ask him where everyone else is. He says that they are in the convent, in the second floor class room. I speed off to find them. when I arrive there are hundreds of people are there the stanger hits me I hear voices and awake

Responses from the Dreamers

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