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  Dream Number: #210
Dream Type: Dark Water
Date Posted: 9/27/2007

aeriel from remembers this:

I was in the middle of a dark water i think its an ocean, im not exactly sure what it is cause its evening. Im almost at the sea shore. The water was dark with full of catfish and not very far from me is like a wet market but i cant see anyone. except for one person (my friend) who's walking at the shore so i told her to help me, but she turn away and said shes busy. A set of computer came out the and her place change to a place where shes working but im still in this dark water, and then a group of her friends came to her and start chatting and they fade. So i was alone again, i touched something not sure what it is, snake (orange with black) try to jump from the water and bite me. My dream ends there. Thanks

Replies from the dreamer:

how about this, im still wondering until now that everytime ifriend included in my dream, she has no face but i know that sometimes shes smiling but still she has no face.

even if im not dreaming ill try to memorize her face but after a few minutes i close my eyes i cannot remmember her face but i can describe her to anybody....its kinda weird or something
(Added: 10/1/2007)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

Hi aeriel,

This dream says that you wanted your friend tp help you out of a difficult situation, but she didn't seem to be aware of your problem. The dream also says that thoughts keep trying to come to you telling that you are alone. But God gave you this
dream to show you that those thoughts of
loneliness are not true...you are not alone...
(the black and orange snake in the dream represents a lie/untruth that keeps trying to come back)...

(Added: 9/30/2007)


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