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  Dream Number: #197
Dream Type: insane!
Date Posted: 6/9/2007

manmewat from barranquilla remembers this:

i was in my house but it wasnt really my house. i had moved in this big mansion.a few of my friends wer there.my best friend my ex and the guy im hooking up with and some other people i couldnt really describe.so then the guy im hooking up with went somewhere and left my ex and me in my room.next thing you know we are both making out like animals on the floor. so tthe guy that im hooking up with grabs my best friend and starts making out with her.i didnt really care.i kept making out wit my ex.the truth is i still have some minor feelings for my ex.but they are very small feelings.i cant really describe the rest of the dream but i was really pleased with that dream and i really want to know what this means !!!!!!!!!

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: jonelyn

Do you know what the new guy's name was? (If you know you can look up the meaning of the name in baby book or on the web.) What did he look like? This will give clues about the message the dream is bringing. Your ex and the new guy probably represent two things that you are choosing between---their names or characteristics may tell you specifically what those choices are. Your ex may mean something that used to be in your life that you are still very attracted to---it could be anything from a hobby or a job or a certain lifestyle or a talent/gift that used to be part of your life. Probably the key issue is determining what the dream indicates is the best choice for you---if the ex represents something positive then it says your attraction to this thing is good. If the new guy represents something good then the dream may be saying don't miss out on something good because of a fondness for the past? For instance if I dream that a guy named Greg comes and asks me on a date then if his other characteristics are good then I can assume that protection is coming into my life since the name Greg means 'determined protector'. Just some thought here! Peace.

(Added: 6/24/2007)

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