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  Dream Number: #180
Dream Type: Random?
Date Posted: 4/5/2007

VashSama from Oahu remembers this:

Well for starters I live in the state of Hawaii (Different cultures and such) And I stopped talking to a girl I liked alot.. couple weeks ago. Anyway this is a serious dream I just woke up from half an hour ago.

The dream started out with me and classmates at a snack bar at the movies in the mainland,And there was two snack bars. I went to the one in the middle first and bought popcorn and told the cashier I wanted "hurricane popcorn" (its hawaiian).

and he was like "uhh go to the other one please".So I go to the other one and this guy was a clown -.- .He started to joke around and ask stupid questions. For the love of god the man wore a helment and had a block of open butter on the table next to the register.

I forget what the conversation was before hand with me and him but later I asked for "hurricane popcorn".

Then the cashier places one moochi crunch on the scale to measure it. I scream "NOT LIKE THAT ASSHOLE".Then couple other classmates come into line and he takes my order serious and starts doing it.Of course he puts only a little of it -.- .

Then im ready to pay and I look up and I see hotdogs/spam musubi's for .43 cents. So im like hmm I'll buy a hotdog since this is mainland.Then it turns out to be a dollar. So I yell "you son of a bitch!" Then I had to put away my 5 dollar bill since my classmate said it was 7 bucks. And I grabbed my 10 and woke up.

I have alot of weird dreams/Dreams relating to her.. and now and I wanted to know what the significance of 43 is in dreams and what this dream ment?

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: dianalee

what intrigued me about ur dream was when u mention the number "43"
don't know if u have heard of Sylvia Brown" but she was on a talk show n she mentioned the number "7"
n in reference to that number as being a heavenly number ie: God made the earth in 7 days anything that amounts 2 the number 7 is a very good number 2 b in.
like the numbers 52=5+2=7...... 61=6+1=7
43=4+3=7 etc.

(Added: 5/4/2007)
From: dianalee from hawaii

just a thought
b a positive thinker n think of the number 43 as a good luck number 4 u
i think u r 1 of the lucky ones guy
have a good day

(Added: 5/4/2007)

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