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  Dream Number: #18
Dream Type: weird
Date Posted: 9/17/2005

Tei Hakuto from remembers this:

Was riding in a public transport vehicle, opening up a package that looked like a box for a mobile phone. Was taking out a lot of black cables and pulled out the mobile phone itself. Was looking for the SIM card when I only saw a piece of plastic looking like a calling card holder and in the middle was a white rectangular shape. I asked the person beside me, (I seemed to know her) how to install the thing. She showed me how and the white piece was actually so thick it couldn't be just a simple SIM card, yet it fit well into the slot of the phone. I was trying to fix it and out it fell, then it broke into several pieces. I asked her if it's possible to fix and she said yes. The driver seemed irritated and told me to quiet down. I answered him in a sarcastic voice that I wasn't talking to him anyway so why would he tell me off. I got off the vehicle and crossed the street to get on another one, but there was no counterflow. Instead there was a bustling of a lot of people so I had to walk.

The scenery changed into what seemed to be like a big cathedral of sorts, with children walking around. They seemed to be going in a maze and I entered in one of the starting points. We all looked like we were having fun and was not worrying about anything else.

Replies from the dreamer:

Yes, definitely weird. It's either that or something that deals in adventure and sci-fi. The dreams that I recall the most have escaping themes, or fighting themes. So definitely it's like channel AXN in slumberland. Stay tuned for the next episode! ^_^
(Added: 9/18/2005)

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: Danny

I'm not getting a confirmation about my account in my e-mail, so I'll just guest post.

Weird dream indeed... But entertaining for the readers! lol, these things only happen in our dreams...

(Added: 9/17/2005)

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