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  Dream Number: #171
Dream Type: Eary
Date Posted: 2/28/2007

Candydik from Brainerd remembers this:

Well Here it goes.. this is a reacuring dream. I am doind someting in my house it alaways is differant. My soon to be husband is with me.. My mother comes in and yells at me trys sleeping with my husabnd to be and fights me after words while he sits there not saying a dam thing... She hits and swears and is all kinds of mean. I am crying and most of the time I wake my self up from crying in my sleep along with Danny. My other half.. My mother just dont give up and I feel like Why is it ok for you to let his go on.. as he watches and I am sure he likes the attention from my mother in my dream infact I am sure they have made it to the bedroom..

Replies from the dreamer:

well, Sorta I can see trying be controled by her, She is very commenly wronged me in my life. If it is mistreatment as a child or trying to wrong me as a grown women. I do not talk to me mother I have not for a few years. Out of self protection of hurt . I Do not wish to. I think it might be resentment built up or always personalizing issues..
(Added: 3/6/2007)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Damerin

im not a therapist or anything but to analyze your dream i would say firstly when your thinkg about a previous dream you have to remember that you are everything in your dream thats why you can see everything that goes on you know what i mean like if your in the kitchen and you can tell your mother is trying to sleep with your fiance the only way you know that is because they represent a part of your sub concious now with that being said........

it couldbe a couple of things or i could be completely wrong but to me it seems like your mother is a kind of controling person in real life so in your dream you let her control you with her yelling and then attempting to slweep with your husband who could actually represent your wedding like shes trying to make the big day decisions for you and in you sub concious you view it as your fiance because hes the major part of it my advice if youll take it would be to stand up to hera and let her know that you are capable of making the decisions alone but from time to time would love her imput.

if i was completely wrong im sorry

(Added: 3/6/2007)


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