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  Dream Number: #17
Dream Type: confusing
Date Posted: 9/16/2005

from remembers this:

everyone ive ever meet was in this dream. for the most part a few people had a major impact on it, ill break it down by person. Ive been friends with Billy since i was a baby. in the dream he was doing somekind of space study or nasa type thing but i was able to come and go and i was more than welcome to stop by at any time to see him. I figure its because even though hes going to school far away hes still always there for me if i need him.

The next thing was my friend Nick and I started going out in real life. In real life i was thinking hey he's cute and funny, but i wasnt really really attached. this relationship lasted about a week. in the dream I was completely heartbroken and i swore up and down that he was the one for me. No one knew we went out and Nick soon started dating my sister donna (in real life shes with the man of her dreams and always hated nick because of some problems he has) so anyway, nick and donna are so happy and their planning their lives together They have a roll of tickets and there folding then in strips of ten, each one meaning how long they'' be together, the roll never ends and they keep folding. I get defensive and I get my tickets out for my boyfriend phil (real life boyfriend) and myself but i start to run out soon after a couple folds. Nick starts saying something taunting about how I'm running out. I say to him that i still have the tickets frm when nick and i were together, "there in my room i'll get them" Nick yells there not in there anymore. so i go and he comes running after me, he tackles me to the bed im standing by and holds my arms down above my head. his face looks different though, like he was wearing one of those clear plastic masks, even thoug he wasnt. he said, you think i dont know how many tickets we had. I wanted to be with you, i was going to be with you. I said then why arent we? and he said because i broke his model rocket. i thought back to the dream and i remember standing by a tree with 2 other people holding a model rocket, it got broken somehow but i didnt do it. after that i dont remeber seeing nick, except that i knew he was going out with donna now.

This next part was sporadically throughout the dream so when it jumps from one scene to the next ill put "(jump)" when it jumps the thing before was like old, it happened a while ago.
Next there was Mike. I meet Mike a couple times in real life about a month ago. For somereason I couldnt stop thinnking about him, and then it stopped for about two weeks. now all of a sudden i keep thinking of him. In the dream he owns an ice cream stand/store. i go to the store and theres about 5 other people there. we all start goofing off and they start to playingly try to pants me. im yelling but laughing at the same time because i dont want anyone to see my thunder thighs. so Mike tells them to stop cause he sees im uncomfortable. (jump) i go into my room to change and i take my shirt off, im wearing a blue strapless bra, Mike knocks and knowng him for sometime in my dream i telling im not wearing a shirt but he can come in, he says i promise i wont look. so he comes in with his hand over the side of his face not looking, i hold up a shirt and tell him in somewhat covered and he can put his hand down if he wants. so he does. he tries to help me pic something out to wear. we wind up with black pants with a tangerine stripe and a tangerine shirt thats kind of strappy and cute. (jump) Mike give me a hoodie he bought for me because im always cold. (jump) Mike invites me to a Mets game (im a yankees fan) and I go. He told me he has free tickets and he gives me mine. im in seat 502 and hes 503. the ticket is printed on a sponge for some reason. we decide to meet each other there. I get there and I cant find my ticket, I left it at home, they let me in anyway but i cant find my seat, I had to cross over a pond on some kids boat with them. i get over there and i see the stadium but im in someone backyard filled with cob webs. i still cant find out how to get t my seat. It's half time now and mike comes down and finds me. I feel so stupid and o embaressed, but he gives me a big hug and tells me not to worry about it. (jump)

all of a suddentheres this field filed with everyone ive ever meet. at this point im wondering where my current real life boyfriend Phil is and his family. everyone is there except them. i run into my biggest mentor and who i consider one of my best friends Paul. but i cant see him. i can only hear him, he tells me i dont have to see him to know hes there. and i say okay.

i dont see mike but i know im with him. i wake up wondering what happened to Phil and why i keep thinking of mike. ive only meet him a couple times and ive know phil for years and i have a promise ring from him and everything. help me out guys. im soo confused

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