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  Dream Number: #168
Dream Type: Dream about Fetuses
Date Posted: 2/5/2007

moonshine from Melbourne remembers this:

These scientist detectives were finding dead fetuses in the dirt, they were collecting them and putting them in this big fancy glass bottle, there was 12 fetuses all up.
They took them back to the lab where they were going to preform a DNA test proving it was this particular women’s and that she was aborting them.
The woman and her family were on the run hoping not to get caught.
One of the scientist detectives picked one of the fetuses up and realized it was still alive, that they were all infact still alive, so he decided to give them an ultrasound to listen to the heartbeat. I could see the hearts working well. I then realized in my dream that I was in fact pregnant.
And the first one he was holding was mine.

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