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  Dream Number: #157
Dream Type: totally insane
Date Posted: 12/24/2006

aries from Milwaukee remembers this:

My dream:

My husband and I went to this bar that we go to on a regular basis. My husband is bartending and I am sitting at the end of the bar just having a drink by myself. There are plenty of people that I know there, but they are speaking to others. Then my ex-boyfriend walks in and starts talking to my husband. Totally harmless. So they speak for a few moments, share a few laughs, and then my ex sits in a chair next to me. We are making small talk and then all of a sudden out of the clear blue sky he's asking me things about our relationship. Things like was he good to me, did he treat me right, was I happy when I was with him and the most important of questions, would we ever have a chance of getting back together at anytime in our lives. I answered all of the questions honestly, yes he was good to me, he treated me right for the most part (he did keep some secrets I still don't know what they are today), I was happy when I was with him- I loved him and he me, and then told him that there was a chance that we could get back together, but that I was a married woman now and a mother. After that answer he leaned over and gave me a soft, yet passionate kiss on the lips. Then he looks at me and tells me that he will be back in a few minutes. I was in a state of shock, but a state of happiness like I haven't felt in a long time. I just sat there full of glee. In the meantime I was having a conversation with my husband and acting like nothing was wrong, like nothing had happened. So my ex comes back from where ever had been and is looking for a ride home. I tell him that I would do it and I just needed to tell my husband. I told my husband and he was cool with it, and then my ex and I left. We are quite on the ride to his house and then we pull up in front of it and I tell him that I will see him around and to have a good night. He on the other hand leans over and gives me a kiss like no other. It is soft but passionate and longer then before. He has my face cupped in his hands and he is just lingering on my lips. He asks me if I would like to come in to his place for a moment and then take him back to the bar. I said sure and we walk up to the door hand in hand. His apartment is dark when we walk in and he turns on a light in the living room. I close the door behind me for it is late fall and there is a cool breeze that has sent a chill up my spine. When I turn around from closing the door he presses me up to the door and kisses me hard on the lips, then the neck. Then he scoops me up in his arms, carries me to his bedroom and we make love that is just breath taking. The sliver of light from the moon is all that can be seen, and we are the only two in the house. Once we are finished we just lay there in bed for a few minutes and hold each other, occasionally kissing lightly each others necks, cheeks, lips, and hands. We then get dressed, walk down the stairs hand in hand, he turns off the light, we hug and then we get in the car and go back to the bar as if nothing really happened. Once back at the bar, we sit next to each other and just act like giddy high schoolers that just feel in love. No one suspects anything and no one really says anything to us either, the last thing that is asked is what are we going to do if I find out that I am going to have a baby. Then I wake up...

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