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  Dream Number: #156
Dream Type: death
Date Posted: 12/20/2006

hotrodmph75 from bakersfield remembers this:

hi i am rod and my mom wrote you guys about my dreams the answer to the question you ask her about the colors in my dreams is that the dreams have color and looked as if they were real.these dreams were a while back and there had been 3 of them. 2 of my mother and 1 of them i was also drowning but would wake up holding my breath. the 3rd was of my grandfother but can't remember anything about it. i do know that all of my dreams seem real, and sometimes its so bad that when i think back on things i can't remember if it really happened or if it was a dream i had, and as of lately my dreams have been so weird that if i could remember all about it i feel would make for a great movie.

Responses from the Dreamers

Return within 24-48 hours to read our Dream Theory. Your dreams are crazy but they matter to us. Give us time and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks.


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Responses from Guests

From: jonelyn


What was the name of the dream your mom wrote about---the one you said was in color? I didn't know what dream to go look at---or what #dream or what name is it under?

(Added: 4/8/2007)

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