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  Dream Number: #142
Dream Type: religious
Date Posted: 10/15/2006

star521 from remembers this:

I had this dream about an year ago, and it still keep spinning on my head sometimes........

I remembered I finished something......then a person walked towards me and said "you should go to see the Lord", I replied, "Isn't I have just seen him already?" (I didn't feel like seeing the Lord maybe). He said "You have to see him again". I said I was scared, then I asked if he could go with me so I would feel better. And then he held my hand, and walk UP.....(it was something like a elevator but moving up quite fast), I couldn't see that guy face but the feeling with him was extremely warm and safe.

Afterwards, he said I had to talk to Lord in front of a mirror. I didn't remember the picture exactly......I closed my eyes and apologized (I didn't know why), and at that moment, I could FEEL LORD IS SMILING........and he said he has never blamed me or something like that.........I was feeling totally emancipated...

then suddenly I walk down to somewhere.........my warm feeling was gone......I saw some people, then I got a message from somewhere that told me I have to help someone......

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

This sounds like a calling dream, like God is calling you to your destiny/purpose he has for you...

(Added: 12/14/2006)


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