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  Dream Number: #141
Dream Type: Traumatic
Date Posted: 10/13/2006

Che from Bakersfield, CA remembers this:

For several months my son has been having re-occuring dreams that he and I are in a terrible car accident. The dreams vary somewhat, but they always involve us plunging into water and I always die. Sometimes he is driving and sometimes I am driving. These dreams seem to be disturbing him considerably and I am concerned about him as he calls me constantly to make sure I'm ok. Last night he not only dreamed that I died, but in a separate dream he dreamed that his grandfather died. What could these dreams be telling him?

Thanks, Che

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

Does he say whether or not he remembers any color in the dream or if they were in black and white? Coloring can reflect the source of the dreams. Especially if the coloring is black and white or muted/monotone colors it may reflect that he is dreaming about his own fears.

(Added: 12/14/2006)


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