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  Dream Number: #125
Dream Type: insane
Date Posted: 7/7/2006

phil from hedgesville, WV remembers this:

Had a very wierd dream last night. I rarely recall my dreams. This one was actually from this morning...

Sue & I went to a party. It was a big, strange house. Very tall, pointy. Green or gray, I think. A dull color on the outside. White trim.

Evidently, I had helped to build it, as it came up in a convo later.

I went into this bathroom to pee. It was so cluttered I had to straddle a clothes basket, and shoot over it to hit the toilet. I was interrupted by these girls who kept coming in to do coke, I think. I gave up & wandered through the place, getting lost in the maze of rooms.

I was wearing a t-shirt & some kind of serape thing.

I couldn;'t find Sue, & guessed she was mad at me for abandoning her at yet another social event. I went to look for her, or another bathroom, whichever comes first.

I went through a kitchen kind of room. The walls looked like a dark teal/aqua color, with these strange white blotches, like veins in the walls. This guy asked me how I liked the walls, & I said something to the effect that they didn't look much different than they had when I was working on the place. (blue-board w/ joint compound) The room full of ppl laughed.

I found myself in another bathroom. It was very strange. A big basin or sink, in white. A double toilet kind of thing, almost like an outhouse, except it was trying to be fancy & failing miserably. Two toilets on a corner kind of thing. One lid, that pivoted to cover only one toilet at a time. I think one toilet on the right was a bidet, but I'm not sure. A white tub.

Once again, ppl are trying to get into the bathroom, & I'm yelling at them to leave me pee. Now they're children. There's something I've broken in my hand from the strange sink, & I want to hide it. I stick it in the doorframe to stop thier entry, but they bust it open. I go into another room, and I have no shirt on.

It's a bedroom. There's a wierd shirt on the bed. The room is all tan. The shirt is tan, with a brown leather circle and a strange design on the front, and this long shearling kind of arrangement going straight down the front, almost like a tie. I put the shirt on just as a guy comes in & asks what I'm doing in there. I told him I was looking for a way out, and he smiled & left without giving me directions.

I found myself in the car. Still no Sue. I guess she left me there with the car. I'm driving, and suddenly there's these three ppl stacked up piggyback style running across the road. I slam on the brakes & they fall. The one on top, a woman, goes summersaulting across the grass on my right. The man on the bottom falls, and his face hits the curb. The guy on top of him gets up & I ask if they want to go to the hospital. He says no, that his friend will be fine after a few beers.

The tie-like thing on my shirt fell off, & it was a long glove, made out of some shearling kind of stuff, with a brown leather palm.

I woke up.

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