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  Dream Number: #117
Dream Type: Spiders! Oh yuck!
Date Posted: 4/30/2006

Che from Bakersfield, CA remembers this:

I dreamed I was at a neighbor ladies house and she had three spiders in her yard; a mother, father, and a son. Their bodies were a creamy white color with brown swirls (strange). The neighbor lady picked up the mother spider and told her she had some cleaning to do in the empty house across the street, there were lots of bugs to eat, etc... The lady who owned the house moved out and it needed to be cleaned for selling. Telepathically, or however spiders communicate, the mother spider told the father spider to leave their son alone while she was gone that she would be back as soon as possible. We left the father spider absent mindedly searching for bugs in the flower bed and the son watching us leave as set off across the street to clean the house. The house was a mess, we began knocking down cobwebs and removing items she had decorated her home with. She had put up chicken wire on a wall in the kitchen and sectioned of the dining area with it. She'd also built up the dining area on a wooden platform. Somehow, water had accidentally gotten spilled on the wooden platform and the owner had walked in just in time to see us scrambling to clean it up. She literally came unglued at seeing this and began yelling at us as we tried to explain it was an accident. We told her she could clean her own house if she was inclined to be so ungratful and left. When we got back across the street we found the son spider dead; the father spider had gone over and punctured him with this stinger that comes out of the back of his body. There was brown fluid lying all around the son spider and his body was all shrivled up. The mother spider was so angry she went over the the father spider and stung him to death, until his body was all shrivled up and lying in a brown liquid also. (oh yuck) My dream then moved on back to the house across the street and we were there with the owners family members preparing to eat a meal in between cleaning and her son was telling us not to worry about his mothers fit that she was always like that. And that stupid chicken wire was still up on the wall.

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