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  Dream Number: #116
Dream Type: Dreaming of premonition dreams... Double dreaming?
Date Posted: 4/30/2006

krist from remembers this:

On two separate occasions I have had a dream where I am dreaming of future events. In my "double dream" state I witness events that disturb me causing me to have a false awakening. When I awake from this "double dream", I have an unsettling feeling and realize that I have just witnessed future events.

On the first occasion, I am talking on the phone with my mother when suddenly the conversation is interrupted by a mysterious person knocking on her window. She tells me to hold on while she goes to address the person at the window only to be abducted. Her abduction is "known" to me though not actually seen. When I "awake" from the double dream, I sense that I must call to tell her. When she answers, I attempt to warn her of the mysterious person who will come to knock on her window but am interrupted by this exact event just as it had unfolded in the double dream. I try to yell to her NOT to go but it is too late as I know she has been abducted. There is a sense of uneasiness for not having the ability to prevent the outcome and feel responsible for her abduction. This is when I finally awake in real life. The familiar feeling of uneasiness continues to loom once I awake and I actually text message my mother to warn her of answering any knocks on the window.

The second occasion involved witnessing my own future in yet another "double dream". I am on a date with someone that all my friends claim is the "perfect" guy. I do not know him in real life. I am unknowingly attending a seminar on Scientology as our first date. In real life I know nothing in regards to Scientology and personally, the subject seems to have a negative connotation (founded or not) associated with it. I am watching a slide show on the "Science of Behavior Modification" (where this stuff comes from is beyond me) when I am hypnotized. During this hypnosis, I have a dream that plays out like a movie but the scenes are quick snapshots of my future with gaps of time in between. In short (though it was detailed) the double dream goes like this: I meet a perfect guy who later turns out to not be so perfect because we become heroin addicts (I have never touched drugs in real life). He tells me to leave him and find my ex who can rescue and save me. I attempt to do so but my efforts prove futile as I am poisoned to death by the ex instead. As I begin choking to death, I awake from the double dream/hypnosis. The scenes were vivid and I have a sense of uneasiness... I feel as though something very sinister has just happened and realize that I have witnessed my future. I demand to leave the seminar and am no longer interested in my date because I "know" he will later deceive me. When I exit the building it is dark outside and I can no longer see my date. I call out to him but there is no response and then I finally awake in real life. It was such a disturbing dream that I decided to write it down.

I have been wondering a lot about these two dreams especially since they occurred in a two week time frame. Neither dream seems to correlate with any events happening in my real life so I am left wondering if the underlying message to my dream is to pay attention to my dreams as it may soon reveal something about my future? Also, in the first episode I was unable to change the outcome of events where as in the second episode, I am aware of my ability to change the outcome by heeding the warning received.

Is there any significance to anyone else?

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: jonelyn

I don't know about all the other meanings of symbols in the dream, but when you have a dream within a dream it usually means that the message contained in the dream is really important, like an exclamation point added at the end of a sentence. Also, many times in dreams the events are only symbolic, not literal. For instance dreaming of going on a date may actually represent beginning to "court" a new idea, or entertain thoughts of doing something new or adopting some new way of thinking or activity that wasn't previously in your life. This could be especially true if you don't see any actual circumstances in your life that line up with events in the dream. Do you remember any color in the dreams or were they just in black and white or muted colors? Sometimes that can give you clues too.

(Added: 2/27/2007)

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