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  Dream Number: #110
Dream Type: Ex Boyfriend recurring dream
Date Posted: 3/18/2006

Gemini from remembers this:

First for a little background. My ex was/is a great man. We broke up for very stupid reasons but it was mostly my fault. I was given an ultimatum to give up the man or my father. So flash forward to after the breakup, I met someone new and started a relationship (I think I really didn't wait long enough after the other) Anyway we end up married with a child. Now I have been having dreams about the ex and waking up feeling so hurt.

So here is my dream. It zips around to different places. It starts where we are in the bed in our apartment just waking up. He is smiling at me. Then we are at lunch, laughing and having an overall good time. Next we are at the park holding hands. Then he disappears. Next time I see him he is with someone else and I am crying, and he sees me but is still walking with her. He looks back and is staring into my eyes, more like he can see right through me to what I am feeling. Zoom again, She is not with him anymore, and I am afraid to talk to him. Through the rest of the dream it's like I am sitting back just watching him live his life to afraid to speak to him for fear he will reject me. In the end he is an old man and I feel like I am a ghost cause I am still watching him in his rocking chair.

The strange part is I have been having this dream every night for over a month and the day after I had it the first time I got an email from him, a poem and he was saying he missed me. I hadn't heard from him in almost a year before that.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: chasmodai369

Considering the ending of your relationship it seems like you have alot of regret or rather are wishing for a more emotional resolution that would have cut the relationship clean. This dream seems to have a past present and future, in the past you had a good time, the present is you looking at him and he at you from afar, neither one saying anything, and the future is you the ghost. Sometimes I think that when we are unsure about the present, the past pops up. It does seem though that you and he are connected on an astral level though. He is trying to contact you (in reality) and you are afraid to talk to him. Will you be the ghost always watching from afar.

(Added: 3/14/2008)


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Responses from Guests

From: ed

Ahhhh, yes, the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. Everyone made thier decisions, stop looking back, move on....at least for the child.....these dreams I think are wish/fantasies.....

(Added: 3/31/2006)

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