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  Dream Number: #103
Dream Type: Bloody,wierd
Date Posted: 2/16/2006

my_psychosis from Clear Lake remembers this:

Ok in this dream I am sitting up in bed, my side is against the wall.(which is true in real life ) It is our bed (mine and my boyfriends) in the dream but completely different from waking life. Anyway I'm alone then my cat shows up and he puts both front paws in the air, I put my hands up next to them (palm to palm like or palm to paw,lol) I push my left hand forward which pushes his right paw back, then as my left hand comes back I push my right hand forward pushing his left back, we scissor this way back and forth a few times, playing. But then I think wait he's a cat he cant play this way maybe its one of my children So I look closer and for a couple seconds see my youngest child's face, but then it instantly goes back to my cat and I decide this is not good something wired is happening. I drop my hands and see 2 small stuffed animals next to me between me and the wall on my right side. A small pink and white bunny and a small pink turtle.By the way I'm scared by now cause of my cats behavior and my own thinking it was my son.I pick up the turtle (in my right hand)and bounce him toward my cat, trying to play with him but he bites my left hand, my whole hand is in his mouth.There is no pain. I pull my hand out, and see the stuffed bunny is in my hand.The long plastic whiskers on the bunny are stuck between 2 of my cats teeth. I pull slowly to get them out and his mouth starts to bleed. I see a drop fall on pure white teddy bear I didn't notice before.Its a small drop of blood but the whole chest and tummy of the bear turn red. I think that drop was to small to do that. I look back to my cat then see blood on the wall to my right. Its appearing in big splotches, then I see a rivulet of blood running down from the ceiling. I jump out of bed and run to the door ( terrified now)I look back and see blood running down the back wall to. I run into the hall an to my boy friend who is standing by a closet. I scream " I'm going through withdrawl" He gives me this disgusted look and turns to open the closet. Then he is walking down a hall and I run after him. Suddenly I'm no longer afraid but I donate want him to know that, so I cry " but there is blood!" He says " there is not" Now I think hmm I think I'm dreaming then suddenly I'm back in bed trying to wake up (in the dream I am) I see myself lying there. Then I actually do wake up.

Replies from the dreamer:

Sorry it took so long to reply. Yes I am worried about my elderly parents, and yes they are being hurt. I have a sister and brother in law on heroin. They live at Mom and Dad's house. Free of rent, don't buy food or pitch in for any bills. They also have 3 kids that live there to, and Mom takes care of them since my sister and her husband don't. My Mom has a bad heart, and bad knees which makes it hard for her to walk, yet she takes care of an 11 yr old, an 8 year old, and a 4 year old. My Dad has diabetes, and high blood pressure. They are streched to the limit. I have tried to get my sister and her family out of Mom and Dads house but they refuse to go and Mom and Dad are afraid to throw them out. They think they will never see my sister or the grand kids again. I don't know what to do.
(Added: 3/12/2006)

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: hypnoidal

what u experienced was a lucid dream, where u realised u were dreaming so u woke. there are many simbolic things to do with objects animals and other things eg i read a book once that said a cat was to do with sexual frustration whether that is true or not i dont know but i believe that to you the animals prob represented people maybe people in ur life the ones u care about being hurt by an horrible person maybe someone u fear, i would like to hear from u to see if anything i said rings true if not maybe tell me a bit more about ur self.sleep well

(Added: 3/5/2006)

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