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  Dream Number: #102
Dream Type: Weird
Date Posted: 2/15/2006

msami from Teaneck remembers this:

I had a very weird dream, i dont remember the begin but it starts with me on the phone with my fiancee, he tells me he will be right over, we get ready to hang up and as i go to do this i still hear him talking he is shouting "Vanessa, dont be mad youo know i have to do what i have to do (Vanessa is not my name!) i get very upset and continue to listen as he talks to her and get more and more upset. i hang up the phone and grab my jacket cause i'm determined to go find them and kill them both when i turn around i see a frightening sight, i'm deathly afraid of spiders but instead of spiders i see crabs! they were all over coming out of the sofa and walls and i start screaming hysterically! They are baby crabs but all of a sudden nig ones start coming out just two! by this time my father and mother have come in the room and i am still screaming. i run out and tell them what happened with my fiancee and that i am going to find them to hurt both of them! then i get into my car and start driving i see streets but i dont recognize them and then i woke up in a really bad mood.

Responses from the Dreamers

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