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  Dream Number: #100
Dream Type: Message
Date Posted: 2/14/2006

RavenShark from Canada remembers this:

I am working at what looks to be an elemetary school, but some of my co-workers from my last job are there. I am painting and complaining iam still the only one that does it, to an ex co-worker. As i empty my paint stuff i notice my best friend and her baby. I of course want to see the baby, so she sits down while i turn to get something. When i turn back this guy (that just about destroyed my marriagein real life) was sitting there holding the baby. Stating that he is the father. I was annoyed my friend did'nt tell me about him being in the picture as I was trying to avoid running into him. As i ignore the guy, and gooo at the baby, someone comes up behind me and grinds up against me. I thought oh great here I am crouched over a guy my husband despises and anouther guy is rubbing up against me, well it turns out It's my husband. In a moment of panic, i fear his reaction to my being so close to this guy. All went down smooth though, i excuse ourselves and bolt from the building. Once outside, iam releived to be far from the situation. I notice right away though that one of the horses with an orange blanket has gotten loose. My old boss and anouther lady are looking for the horse. I call to them that it is over by us and to watch out because it is coming around the corner fast at them. They stop just as the horse rounds the corner. At this point i jerk awake.

Responses from the Dreamers

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