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"Haze Over Love" by Bandjo

Track posted by Crackers Chimney [123] File Under: tasty mix (12)
I've had this up for nearly a month now and I keep coming back to it to play. Really nice little mix from Swedish band Bandjo to promote their new album coming out in the next few weeks. I look forward to that, in the meantime… Haze Over Love

Posted: 05/20/2010
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Comments for "Haze Over Love" by Bandjo

Tarnoski Chimney


Re: Track posted by
Crackers Chimney
"Haze Over Love" by Bandjo

cosmic haze in full affect. the Alex Cima would do such a better job for the Dr Who music than the crapaphonic strings and vocal they use these days. Bullshit in residence when it comes to the BBC putting together an underscore nowadays.

Mosquito Chimney
aka: el tim

Re: Track posted by
Crackers Chimney
"Haze Over Love" by Bandjo

love this one a ton... the donkey kong country 2 soundtrack jam was nuts

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