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"the Yearsong" by Rollmottle

from SEN0XX
Track posted by Ryan Chimney [2323] File Under: SENTRALL Musik (33)
So many re-rules on this shortest SENTRALL track ever possibly. Very radio friendly, waiting to hear this on KBUD fm.

Posted: 01/04/2010
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Comments for "the Yearsong" by Rollmottle

Clunkified Chimney
aka: Rollmottle

Thundercat - The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam

Re: Track posted by
Ryan Chimney
"the Yearsong" by Rollmottle

iconKDBD FM should be broadcasting straight from DC.

Zeroy Chimney
aka: Old Man Chimney

Igra Staklenih Perli - Soft Explosion Live

Re: Track posted by
Ryan Chimney
"the Yearsong" by Rollmottle

Agreed, rad track. I hope Mr. Mottle turns out a few more in that vein . . .

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