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"Everything's Right For Love" by Cory Wells

from Touch Me
Track posted by Tarnoski Chimney [654] File Under: better on the coastline (3)
Cory Wells (of Three Dog Night) is a name that could have been made up with for the express intent of recording a 1978 album on A and M called Touch Me. AOR balladry with some sweet vocals and cool playing from Jay Graydon. Did Jay prepare for a session by taking a drive in a convertible along the Pacific Coast Highway? Sounds like it. So easily imagine a japanese guitar player going on a pilgrimage to California to find that inspiration. Everthing's Right For Love.
Posted: 07/15/2009
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Mother Chimney
aka: kenny analoggins

Re: Track posted by
Tarnoski Chimney
"Everything's Right For Love" by Cory Wells

iconits a fine line

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