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"Carmesi Y Trebol" by Aguaturbia

from Psychedelic Drugstore
Track posted by Witch Chimney [2] File Under: Sexxxy (7)

Great cover of the classic Crimson & Clover done by Chilean Commune Acid Heads. 1970. CHeck out the cover of that record! The naked gals pipes and broken english just add to the mystical heart-string-pulling quality of this perfect pop song. Another surprisingly great cover song cut that appears on this record is "Heartbreaker" by Grand Funk Railroad, plus...a long jam where the lead singer, simply known as "Denise", just screams "Everybody Making Love" every 2 minutes.

Posted: 04/16/2006
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Comments for "Carmesi Y Trebol" by Aguaturbia

Sooty Chimney
aka: Stenographer E. Styles

Van Duren - Are You Serious?

Re: Track posted by
Witch Chimney
"Carmesi Y Trebol" by Aguaturbia

iconThis song is so nearly perfect that a cover version almost *has* to be good. This one, though, is particularly classy. The chick vox definitely add something. Thanks!

Buzz Chimney

Transmat Relics

Re: Track posted by
Witch Chimney
"Carmesi Y Trebol" by Aguaturbia

iconDigging this - definitely a more stripped down version without the backup vocals.

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