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"* all *" by Herbie Hancock

from Monster
Track posted by Clunkified Chimney [3126] File Under: Class Act (39)
re-ruled the shit out of this record last night and i guess i didn't realize how many disco dance classics are on this one. the most notable of course being "Stars in Your Eyes", a veritable house classic. AMG ranks this at 2 stars but they really have no clue what they're talking about. great record, perfect for sipping on a cocktail at home ensconced in velvet.
Posted: 10/14/2005
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Comments for "* all *" by Herbie Hancock

Clunkified Chimney
aka: Rollmottle

Thundercat - The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam

Re: Track posted by
Clunkified Chimney
"* all *" by Herbie Hancock

iconeasily. lots of classy jams. sheila E on percs, ray parker jr. on bass, and a non-wanking santana on guitar.

Mother Chimney
aka: kenny analoggins

Re: Track posted by
Clunkified Chimney
"* all *" by Herbie Hancock

iconfor all of the herbie hancock in my life, I've always slept on this one. no need for that! based on your anti-amg stance I will find myself a copy asap.

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