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prince "pink cashmere"

from The hits 1
Track posted by ReRun Chimney [178] File Under: Sexxxy
Damn, this is a great track. I don't think it was ever released on a major album, but it is the sexxxiest tune ever. If your lookin to change the mood of the night when your out on that first date, pop this baby in and your 100% fail-safe. warning: Please be sure to wear protection before listening to this tune.
Posted: 07/29/2005
Comments for prince "pink cashmere"

Hamburger Chimney
aka: the brazillionaire

Re: Track posted by
ReRun Chimney
"pink cashmere" by prince

iconi just listened to this song, and i think i'm pregnant.

BootneyLee Chimney
aka: Sketch Johanson

Re: Track posted by
ReRun Chimney
"pink cashmere" by prince

Fujiya & Miyagi - Transparent Things
iconHas anyone seen that Evening with Kevin Smith on cable where he talks about how Prince contacted him to do a documentary for his new album? such a rad story! it's so funny.

"see, prince has been living in prince world for quite some time now..."

i recommend you all check it out: Evening with Kevin Smith

Sorcerer Chimney
aka: Jenkins

Re: Track posted by
ReRun Chimney
"pink cashmere" by prince

givin' you a coat of pink cashmere, creamy tune.

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