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Chris Craft "Discosmic Dance"
silver surfer cosmic space comic
Added 08/10/2006 by: Ryan Chimney
Comments from the Chimney:

Love Chimney: dude i just heard this record the other day, dumb retarded. (08/21/2006)

Space Chimney: sheeit! need to get my hands on the whole vogue catalog... (08/21/2006)

Ryan Chimney: So curious, also curious why these posed this shot next to bunch of marbles. (08/21/2006)

Love Chimney: you haven't heard it? dude the entire thing is sick front to back, i have it coming in the mail!! can't wait... i also need the entire vogue catalog, now. (09/13/2006)

Johan Sebastian Bar Chimney: I need this one like mad, got it in very bad audio quality, please write me to i got an amazing collection of similar sounding stuff & willing to share all. (09/06/2008)