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Joy Fleming & Kristian Schultze "Vocals and Keyboards Only"
Blue and Orange Modern Classical Global Records 1981
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Dinamit "A Hid"
man with no face red sky unknown planet Hungary hard rock 1981
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Grupo Medusa "Grupo Medusa"
Medusa Greek mythology Poseidon turned her into a terrible monster who had snakes instead of hair Jazz Funk Fusion Brazil Som Da Gente 1981
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Patrick Remy "Constellations"
Space Stars Planets Fingers Which Play Space Synth Electronic Disco Selectromusic 1981
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M. Efekt "33"
paper mache butteflies wooden frame baked prog rock Radim Hladik Supraphon 1981 Czechoslovakia
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Dudu Pukwana "Sounds Zila"
Arrow Piano african instruments Afro Jazz live recording Jika Records 1981
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Kameleon "Kameleon"
Chameleon Robot Plug Me In SynthPop Disco AvantPop Pro Culture 1981
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Tower of Power "Direct"
instrument building Sheffield Lab Direct Disc Recording Funk 1981
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Twelfth Night "Live At The Target"
Nude Hand Drawn Full Moon Prog Rock Self_Released 1981
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Cosmic Overdose "4668"
Neural Net SynthPop Silence 1981
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